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Oil fired boiler is a type of oil-fired and gas-fired boiler. WNS horizontal oil-fired steam boiler refers to the steam boiler product of the horizontal internal combustion chamber furnace, the fuel it burns is light oil, heavy oil and so on. It is the current steam boiler mainstream products, is the clean environmental protection boiler products. Among them kerosene, diesel oil should have calorific value and density; Heavy oil, residuum oil and waste oil shall have viscosity, calorific value, moisture, flash point, mechanical impurity, ash, freezing point, density and oil supply temperature.

oil-fired steam boiler
oil-fired steam boiler

Oil-fired boiler has the characteristics of high thermal efficiency, large output, strong load adaptability, high degree of automation, convenient operation, safe and reliable operation, etc. It is the ideal high efficiency, low consumption, low pollution green products; this series of boilers will play a very important role in the application field of thermal equipment in the future. The application of air conditioning not only reduces exhaust temperature and improves thermal efficiency, but also reduces fuel consumption.

Characteristics of Oil-fired Boilers

  1. Double drum “D” layout, compact structure, small floor space, good flame filling effect.
  2. The structure of membrane water wall is adopted in the furnace, and the industrial boiler is fully closed welded airtight inner protective plate, with good sealing of the furnace wall.
  3. Boiler layout of large heating area, design should have enough large soda water space, to ensure the stability of boiler parameters.
  4. The exhaust temperature can be controlled effectively and the high thermal efficiency of the boiler can be achieved. High thermal resistance material is used as insulation layer with good insulation performance.
  5. The outer layer of boiler adopts compacted protective plate with beautiful appearance. With a quick installation structure, the entire boiler is designed on a solid steel base for easy installation and transportation.
  6. The furnace is provided with inspection hole, which provides great convenience for use and maintenance.
  7. The furnace top is equipped with explosion-proof door. Adopt automatic burner, feed water adopt continuous electric regulation, combustion efficiency is high. With multiple protection functions, the operation is safe and reliable.
1 ton light diesel boiler
1 ton light diesel boiler

For customers, the price of products has always been the most concerned issue. However, in the industrial boiler industry, products are different from daily necessities in that there is no fixed price. Generally speaking, we need to first understand the customer’s needs, such as boiler tonnage, configuration, auxiliary machinery, etc., according to these contents for customers to customize professional boiler system scheme to determine the price.

Wuxi ZOZEN Boiler Co., Ltd. is an old brand specializing in the production and sales of industrial boilers with A large scale and A long history. ZOZEN is A class A boiler manufacturer with qualification in Jiangsu Province. The oil-fired boilers we produce now cover oil-fired steam boilers, oil-fired hot water boilers, oil-fired thermal oil boilers and oil-fired heating boilers and so on.


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