Oil-fired Thermal Oil Heater for Sale

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Oil-fired thermal oil heater uses light oil, heavy oil and diesel oil as fuel and thermal oil as heat transfer medium. This boiler is easy to operate and maintain. It is widely used in petrochemical, textile, printing and dyeing, plastic, rubber, food processing, wood processing, carton production, vegetable dehydration, paint baking, casting sand mold drying and so on.

oil-fired thermal oil heater
oil-fired thermal oil heater

The heating surface of the oil-fired and gas-fired thermal oil heater body is compact in structure. The heating surface is composed of inner and outer dense rows of discs. The inner coil is the radiation heating surface, while the outer coil and the outer surface of the inner coil constitute the convection heating surface. Oil-fired / gas-fired thermal oil boiler consists of the upper body and the lower combustor, which are combined on site. After full combustion in the combustion chamber, most of the heat is absorbed by the radiant heating surface, and the high-temperature flue gas enters the convective heating surface for heat exchange. After getting out of the boiler, the air needed for boiler combustion is heated in the air preheater, and then the flue gas is sent to the chimney and discharged into the atmosphere through the dust collector by the induced draft fan.

Thermal fluid heaters start and stop quickly with safe and reliable operation, high thermal efficiency, stable output and strong load adaptability; Compact structure, small volume, less floor space; The auxiliary equipment is few, the installation is simple and convenient, the installation period is short the oil / gas thermal oil boiler is the assembly type forced-circulation vertical oil-gas boiler. The heating surface of this series boiler body is compact in structure. The heating surface is composed of inner and outer discs, the inner coil is the radiation heating surface, and the outer coil and the outer surface of the inner coil constitute the convection heating surface.

6 million kcal thermal oil boilers
6 million kcal thermal oil boilers

Advantages of Oil-fired Thermal Oil Heater

  1. Thermal oil boiler body adopts three return and full wet back structure, efficient heat transfer elements, heat transfer surface design; so that the boiler output is sufficient, high thermal efficiency, reduce the emission of harmful substances in smoke, long service life.
  2. Design, manufacture and inspection in strict accordance with relevant standards to ensure product safety.
  3. Low combustion chamber design is adopted to preserve a large safe space of water level, reduce the harm of water shortage accidents, and improve the quality of steam.
  4. Movable smoke box is adopted to facilitate boiler maintenance and cleaning.


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