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Biomass boiler fuel is mostly from crops and wood chips and other renewable resources. These resources contain low sulfur and phosphorus, do not produce sulfur dioxide and phosphorus pentoxide when burning, do not pollute the environment, belong to green and clean energy. Biomass briquetting fuel its volatile content is high, easy to precipitate, charcoal activity is good, flammable, ash, ignition fast, reduce the cost of enterprise use. The ash after burning of biomass fuel can be recycled as potash fertilizer to realize the green cycle of “straw – fuel – fertilizer”.

biomass boiler manufacturer
biomass boiler manufacturer

The working principle of biomass steam boiler is to transfer the heat released by biomass fuel combustion to the water in the container, which is converted into certain pressure steam thermal equipment. Boiler in the “pot” and “furnace” two parts at the same time, after the water into the boiler, the boiler heating surface in the soda system will absorb the heat transfer water, so that the water to generate steam, thus be led out of the application. In the combustion equipment part, the fuel combustion continuously gives off heat, the high temperature flue gas generated by combustion transfers the heat to the heating surface of the boiler, but the temperature of itself gradually decreases, and is finally discharged by the chimney.

When operating at full capacity, 1 ton biomass boiler can provide 600,000 kcal of heat for production or domestic heating water. Operating at full capacity, the boiler needs 180 kilograms of biomass fuel for one hour. The above is only the theoretical data; the actual fuel consumption is determined by the boiler thermal efficiency, fuel calorific value and the actual operating conditions of the boiler.

Characteristics of Biomass Boiler

  1. Environmental protection, according to the characteristics of the biomass fuel volatile big, the application of the burning, coal gas, suspension combustion technology, a variety of technologies such as more air distribution and make the fuel combustion fully, completely solve the topic of the smoke, and water immersion type filter is adopted to greatly reduce the dust emission, the area of national first class discharge standard can be achieved.
  2. Energy saving and economy: the furnace body is made of thickened ultra-fine glass fiber for heat preservation with small heat dissipation loss. Biomass fuel ignition easy, fast fire, there is no fire consumption, fuel saving.
  3. Stable operating condition, strong firepower, and full output: continuous fuel combustion, stable operating condition, not affected by adding fuel or stabbing fire, to ensure output.
  4. Easy to operate, simple, no complex operation procedures
  5. Fuel adaptation, economic application: this series of biomass fuel boiler, can be burned molding biomass fuel, can also burn bulk materials, such as: rice husk, peanut shell, sawdust and other fuels, a wide range of sources, low cost, comprehensive cost is lower than coal. Both oil (gas) boiler environmental protection is good, and coal – fired boiler low cost characteristics.
  6. Wide scope of application: it is widely used in large and medium-sized cities with strict environmental requirements for industrial production and manufacturing, hotels, hotels, bath centers, institutions, hospitals, schools and other industries.
biomass-fired steam boiler
biomass-fired steam boiler

As a professional biomass boiler manufacturer, our boiler products of the furnace, furnace arch and so on have been optimized design, can be applied to rice husk, straw, coconut shell, palm shell, biomass pellet, pressure block and other biomass fuel, welcome online consultation.


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