70MW DHL Series Coal Hot Water Boiler in Indonesia

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Available industries: Heating Industry
Project boiler medium:Hot Water
Capacity:70 MW

70MW DHL Series Coal Hot Water Boiler

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Case Introduction

Central heating refers to the way that one or more heat sources supply heat to users in cities or some areas through the heat network with hot water or steam as the heat medium. DHL series coal hot water boiler is an ideal equipment for central heating with stable operation and high thermal efficiency.

ZOZEN DHL series water tube hot water boilers are forced circulation single bucket horizontal chain grate hot water boilers. The membrane water wall is distributed around and in the middle of the furnace to absorb the radiant heat of the high temperature flue gas in the furnace. The large furnace prolongs the residence time of flue gas in the furnace, so that the fly ash and combustible gas are fully burned, which not only improves the thermal efficiency, but also greatly reduces the amount of fly ash and the emission concentration of flue gas. Boiler grate using bar grate, improve the safety of operation. With stepless speed regulation, the user can adjust the load arbitrarily without affecting the combustion thermal stability.

Coal hot water boiler coal consumption costs to the enterprise has a lot to do, we know that the influencing factors of coal-fired boiler coal consumption is not a single, coal-fired boiler in operation process to reduce the coal consumption of boiler, not only related to the thermal efficiency of boiler, and boiler fuel burning sufficient degree, the calorific value of coal, and so on. ZOZEN has completed the commissioning of DHL series coal-fired water tube hot water boilers for the Heating Group, and its excellent performance has won the favor and praise of the Heating Group.

Customer Feedback

The excellent quality and flawless service provided by ZOZEN is truly commendable. From the initial solution design to the manufacture, installation and commissioning of boilers, we were very satisfied. The stable and reliable operation of the ZOZEN hot water boilers provides the residents of the area with a guarantee of warmth during heating season.


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