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Biomass boiler technology advantages:

(1) The roller is formed by using an arch pipe and a threaded tobacco pipe, so that the roller changes from a quasi-steel body to a quasi-elastic body structure, eliminating the tension member in the tube sheet area and reducing the pressure. The tube in the tube sheet changed from two return strokes to a single return stroke, which solved the problem of tube sheet cracks.

(2) Because the riser row is set in the lower part of the drum, the dead water area at the bottom of the drum is eliminated, so the sludge is not easy to deposit, and the same is true for the high temperature area of the drum, can be well cooled to prevent the drum from lowering.

(3) The use of high-efficiency heat transfer threaded tubes improves the heat transfer effect, and the boiler heating temperature is rapidly increased, which improves the thermal efficiency of the boiler.

(4) The structure is compact, compared with the same type of boiler; the volume is small, saving the investment of boiler room infrastructure.

(5) Stable operation, easy adjustment and power output.

(6) The use of a threaded smoke pipe to enhance heat transfer can increase the heat transfer coefficient and thermal efficiency, because the flue gas has an interference effect in the pipe. Ducts do not accumulate dust easily and play a role in self-cleaning.

(7) The figure-eight wall in the furnace and the smoke exhaust window has a certain dust reduction effect. The original dust emission concentration of the boiler is controlled below the standard to ensure that the boiler dust emission meets environmental protection requirements.

(8) The unique double-layered secondary air design improves the ignition conditions of biomass fuel. The independent air chamber is used to achieve a reasonable air distribution. A combustion-friendly aerodynamic field is formed in the furnace, making the combustion temperature as high as, High combustion efficiency.


2020 biomass steam boiler


Biomass boiler cost calculation method: biomass boiler hourly fuel consumption = boiler heat supply / biomass pellet combustion heat value / boiler combustion efficiency Different fuels have different calorific values. The heating value of biomass particles is about 4000 kcal, the fuel consumption per hour of a 1 ton biomass boiler is 150 kg / hour, and an average of 150 kg of fuel is required for one ton of steam. The thermal efficiency is between 90%, which is about 3% higher than the boilers in the same industry. It is a cost-effective biomass fueled boiler.


Although biomass boilers cost about 8% more fuel than coal-fired boilers, biomass is mainly burned by volatile substances (wood fibers). After complete combustion, only a small amount of ash is generated, and the boiler can also automatically feed and ash. Slag reduces the cost of boiler workers and does not require equipment such as desulfurization. In order to improve the combustion efficiency, the empty fruit bundle must first be treated with a cutter or the like to form biomass particles. Combustion of empty fruit biomass boilers requires a large amount of fuel. To save fuel transportation costs, power plants are best built in fuel-rich areas.


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