Biomass Fired Steam Boiler for Sale

There are three series of 6 ton biomass fired steam boiler: DZL, DHL and SZL. If you need more than 6 tons biomass boilers, we recommend SZL series biomass boiler. This series boiler is a double boiler tube vertical chain grate boiler, suitable for combustion molding biomass fuel, and can also burn coal or mix coal with molded biomass fuel. There is a economizer at the tail. The ash and slag can be directly used as farmyard manure, which is a kind of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection product. It is equipped with an induced draft fan for mechanical ventilation and a screw slag extruder to realize mechanical slag discharge, complete control and monitoring instruments, and safe and reliable operation of the boiler.

SZL biomass-fired chain grate boiler
SZL biomass-fired chain grate boiler

As a renewable and environmentally friendly energy source, biomass fuel mainly comes from agricultural and forestry wastes, such as straw, branches, leaves, sawdust, rice husks, etc., which are characterized by a wide range of types and distribution. According to the calculation, the heating cost of biomass boiler is one third of that of oil-fired boiler, and one half of that of gas-fired boiler and electric boiler. Moreover, the flue gas emission conforms to the national exhaust emission standard. After the banning of coal-fired boilers, biomass boiler is the preferred choice of many small and medium-sized users.

SZL Series Biomass Fired Steam Boiler Features

  1. Membrane water-cooling wall structure is adopted on both sides of the furnace;
  2. The water-cooling wall pipes of the front and rear walls of the furnace extend downward to the upper part of the furnace grate to form front and rear arches.
  3. The furnace for the combustion chamber, convection tube bundle, the tail of the economizer. The flue gas passes through the furnace, burnout chamber, convection tube bundle and economizer into the tail flue, and is discharged into the atmosphere through dust collector, induced draft fan and chimney.
  4. The front wall is equipped with secondary wind and controlled by the valve, which is put into use when burning biomass fuel, so as to enhance combustion, make fuel burn out fully and improve combustion efficiency.
  5. Adopt higher feed inlet to meet the demand of biomass fuel.


SZL series biomass boiler is an environmentally friendly boiler developed and manufactured by ZOZEN Boiler and Shanghai Jiaotong University in cooperation. According to the characteristics and combustion rate of different biomass fuels, through numerical simulation, the central normal boiler arranged the furnace arch, furnace wall and furnace chamber heating surface rationally to ensure the boiler combustion efficiency and designed evaporation capacity. At the same time, through repeated tests, ZOZEN technicians rationally arranged the primary and secondary air, which can effectively reduce NOx emission while fuel is fully burned.

ZOZEN boiler’s product quality and environmental protection performance occupy a certain market share in the textile dyeing and finishing industry, and has established a good reputation. In the process of printing and dyeing, drying and shaping, dyeing and bleaching and other production processes need to be heated, industrial boilers in the whole production process plays a very important role. After understanding the needs of customers, ZOZEN boiler recommended SZL series biomass boiler. This series of biomass steam boiler adopts low nitrogen combustion control technology. After multi-pipe dust removal, cloth bag dust removal and water film dust removal treatment, the boiler flue gas is discharged through 40m chimney to achieve standard discharge for the user’s factory and meet the emission concentration limit in this area.

biomass fired steam boiler sale
biomass fired steam boiler sale

The price of biomass boiler is a problem that many enterprises pay special attention to when purchasing boilers. In fact, high quality boilers can not only save production time and cost, but also improve production efficiency. The price includes the boiler body price, auxiliary equipment price, installation and transportation price, etc., which enables the boiler manufacturer to recommend suitable products according to your actual needs.


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