15 Ton Biomass Boilers Price in Philippines

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With the continuous development of industrial boilers, biomass, as a renewable energy source, has a broad prospect of development and utilization. Its main raw materials are agricultural and forestry wastes, such as straw, branches, leaves, sawdust, rice husks, wood, palm shells and so on, which are mainly utilized. 15 ton biomass boilers are widely used in baking and drying, biomass power generation, central heating, waste reuse, sterilization and other enterprises.

15 ton biomass boilers
15 ton biomass boilers

There are three series of biomass pellet boilers, includes DZL series chain grate biomass boiler, SZL series chain grate biomass boiler, and DHL series movable grate biomass boiler, which can meet the actual needs of customers for different boiler fuels and industrial production. If the customer does not know how to choose the furnace, they can provide the production process and production requirements, our engineers will recommend the best quality boiler system for you.

Advantages of 15 Ton Biomass Boilers

  1. Wide adaptability of fuel, suitable for biomass molding particles, wood chips, rice husks, straw, corn cob, etc.;
  2. Full fuel combustion, boiler thermal efficiency is up to 88% and above, 5%-15% higher than traditional biomass boiler;
  3. Full boiler capacity, good environmental protection performance, and stable operation;
  4. The reliability of the grate is greatly improved to ensure the safe production of the boiler;
  5. High degree of automation, reduce the operation and maintenance costs.


DZL type biomass steam boiler is a single boiler tube vertical chain grate boiler, fast installation factory. The boiler body is arranged in the longitudinal direction of a single boiler barrel, the threaded firework pipe inside the boiler barrel forms the convection heating surface, the boiler barrel and the water cooling walls on both sides constitute the furnace radiation heating surface, and there is a economizer at the end, the ash and slag removed can be directly used as farm manure, which is a highly efficient, energy-saving and environmental protection product. It is equipped with an induced draft fan for mechanical ventilation and a screw slag extruder to realize mechanical slag discharge, complete control and monitoring instruments, and safe and reliable operation of the boiler.

As is known to all, the production of coconut food requires a large amount of stable and reliable heat source. Coconut is a chewy jelly like food made by the fermentation of coconut juice, so a large amount of coconut shells are produced during the production process. Due to its high calorific value, coconut shell can be directly used as fuel, which not only saves fuel cost for enterprises, but also develops circular economy. ZOZEN boiler customized DZL series biomass boiler system scheme, and according to the fuel characteristics of coconut shell, the internal structure of the boiler is optimized design, not only to improve the combustion efficiency of fuel, but also to solve the coking, wear, burning arch, burning hopper and other problems. At the same time, the lower part of the grate of this series of biomass boilers is equipped with sectional air bin and air regulating device, so as to achieve scientific air distribution and meet the air volume required by coconut shells in each combustion stage. In addition, DZL series boiler assembly and delivery features, not only convenient transportation, but also significantly reduce the project infrastructure investment, shorten the project construction time.

biomass-fired steam boiler sales
biomass-fired steam boiler sales

Usually, the price of boiler body is fixed, but the price of boiler auxiliary machine will vary greatly according to the number of auxiliary machines and the different brands. Of course, there are many factors affecting the price of biomass boiler body, including tonnage size, type and parameter requirements. In addition, different biomass boiler manufacturers production process is different, the boiler body price range is also different. For more detailed information, please contact our online customer service consultation.


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