DZL 10T Biomass Boiler in Vietnam

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Biomass pellet as a renewable energy, its main source is agricultural and forestry residues, biomass boiler is to shape biomass pellet as fuel, environmental protection and efficient, is recommended by the state environmental protection furnace. 10t biomass boiler is an industrial boiler that burns biomass. It can burn biomass molding particles, block particles, straw, rice husk, wood, palm shell and other fuels. Biomass energy has the characteristics of low energy consumption, low emission, wide distribution area and suitable for local development and utilization.

10t biomass boiler for sale
10t biomass boiler for sale

The biomass boiler is a double tube boiler with three pass boiler. The biomass fuel is burned in the furnace chamber, and the flue gas passes through the furnace chamber into the next furnace chamber. It is pumped by an induced draft fan through a fire pipe and discharged to the atmosphere through a dust collector through a chimney. The furnace is equipped with reasonable three times of stirring wind, full combustion, no black smoke in the normal operation of the boiler, smoke exhaust temperature below 120℃, high thermal utilization. The fuel tank adopts the chain row structure, according to the biomass combustion characteristics, the design has the unit patent reasonable primary air distribution wind plate, the firepot design has the secondary air, combustion more fully, reduce the biomass fuel coking.

DZL Series Biomass Boiler Features

  1. Reasonably arrange furnace arch, furnace wall and furnace chamber heating surface, and adopt high-efficiency heat transfer element of threaded smoke pipe, with sufficient boiler output and thermal efficiency up to 88%.
  2. Optimize boiler feed hopper, grate width and length, speed of grate reducer, position and direction of secondary air outlet to ensure sufficient fuel combustion and save fuel cost.
  3. Adopt the unique three-return structure design of water and fire pipes, which is reliable and durable, and prolongs the service life of the boiler.
  4. The use of advanced NUMERICAL control processing technology, to extend the life of the boiler; Strict quality supervision and inspection to ensure the quality of boiler products.


Feed processing needs stable heat energy, industrial steam boiler has become important heat energy equipment. ZOZEN according to various biomass fuel characteristics, combustion rate, through numerical simulation, reasonable arrangement of furnace arch, furnace wall, furnace chamber heating surface RESEARCH and design DZL series biomass boiler has become the best choice for feed plant. A large amount of crop waste residue will be produced in feed production, and ZOZEN proposes to use this waste residue as fuel for biomass boilers. Compared with traditional boilers, DZL series biomass boilers have larger furnace space, and at the same time, the arrangement of very reasonable secondary air, full combustion, effectively reduce NOX emissions. Then it is equipped with a governor box, according to the biomass combustion rate, reasonable regulation of speed, to ensure that the fuel burns out, achieve zero carbon dioxide emissions.

details of dzl biomass boiler
details of dzl biomass boiler

10t biomass boiler price due to the product brand, capacity, fuel type and auxiliary equipment configuration is different; if you need to understand the price of the boiler, welcome to contact us, our professional engineers will be based on your actual use needs for you to customize the free boiler system scheme, confirm the quotation!


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