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With the haze becoming more and more serious, environmental issues have been put on the agenda again. The “vegan” biomass steam boiler has once again attracted people’s attention. The biomass steam boiler has effectively reduced energy consumption and reduced carbon dioxide. The emission of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides has improved the environment and is an important measure to improve the haze weather in the north. Let’s talk about the working principle of biomass steam boilers and related issues of biomass steam boiler precautions.


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Biomass steam boiler features

Biomass steam boiler is environmentally friendly, saves fuel, automatically feeds and discharges slag, the frequency of blower and draught fan is adjusted, and the boiler runs fully automatically. It can automatically adjust the amount of fuel according to load changes, and the steam output is stable. It has many protection and alarm measures such as pressure, water level, and exhaust temperature to ensure the safe operation of the boiler. Biomass steam boilers headed by ZOZEN are boilers promoted by the society. The state will focus on vigorously promoting bio-steam boilers and boiler combustion technology.


Biomass steam boiler effectively reduces energy consumption, reduces carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides emissions, improves the environment, and is an important measure to improve the northern haze weather.


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Working principle of biomass steam boiler

The biomass steam boiler heating equipment (burner) releases heat and is first absorbed by the water-cooled wall through radiant heat transfer. The water on the water-cooled wall boils and vaporizes, and a large amount of steam enters the drum for steam-water separation (except for the once-through furnace), and the saturated steam is separated. Enter the superheater, and continue to absorb the heat of flue gas from the top of the furnace, horizontal flue and tail flue through radiation and convection, and make the superheated steam reach the required working temperature.


Matters needing attention for biomass steam boiler

1. Check the power supply, voltage, water source, and gas for abnormal conditions before starting the machine. Close the blowdown valve, open the water supply valve, check whether the flue is unobstructed, check the pressure of the furnace body and the work of the make-up pump, check the gas pipe interface, and close the gas valve, pre-ignition once to confirm that the motor is running in the correct direction. Check whether the pump is stuck. If the pump is stuck, remove the back cover of the fan blade and turn the motor shaft to the flexible state to start.

2. Please pay attention to the pollution when using this product. Drain at least once a day with a pressure of 0.15MPa ~ 0.25MPa to prevent clogging of the pipeline. The sewage pipe should be properly connected to prevent burns.


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