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No matter what fuel the boiler, the operating cost accounts for 90% of the total boiler price, so when you buy boiler equipment, in addition to considering the boiler quality and sales price, operating cost is also a very important issue. 5-ton boilers are more common in boilers. Let’s calculate the operating costs of 5-ton gas-fired steam boilers.


Taking a 1 ton gas-fired steam boiler as an example, how is its operating cost calculated?

Taken together, the operating costs of gas-fired steam boilers include: fuel costs, utilities, labor costs, and maintenance costs.


2020 gas boiler


1. Gas cost

The rated steam output of a 1 ton gas steam boiler is 1 ton / hour. The thermal efficiency of a gas boiler introduced by ZOZEN boiler manufacturers can reach 98%, and the hourly fuel consumption of the boiler is only 70 cubic meters. Now the price of natural gas on the market is 3.5 yuan / Cubic calculation (prices fluctuate slightly). Gas cost: 1 × 70 × 3.5 = 245 yuan / hour


2. Water cost

A 1-ton gas-fired steam boiler can convert 1 ton of water into 1 ton of steam for one hour of operation. Due to water needs such as sewage and demineralized water treatment, normal use of a boiler to produce 1 ton of steam requires about 1.1 tons of water, now the market price floating around 3 yuan / ton. Water cost: 1.1 × 3 = 3.3 yuan / hour.


3. Electricity cost

1 ton gas-fired steam boilers mainly use burners and water pumps, and most of them are weak. The burner power is 1.5KW, the water pump power is 1.4KW, and the other weak current power is about 1KW. During normal use of the boiler, the power consumption is 0.65 times the full load power. The total power consumption is calculated as (1.5KW + 1.4KW + 1KW) × 0.65 = 2.535KW. Calculated according to the electricity rate is 1 yuan / degree. Electricity cost: 2.535 × 1 = 2.535 yuan / hour.


5 ton steam boiler


4. Labor costs

The gas boiler introduced by ZOZEN Boiler to the market is fully automatic and highly intelligent boiler equipment. It only requires the boiler worker to inspect the coal back and forth, and does not need to perform high-intensity work such as adding fuel manually. The stove worker calculates a salary of 3,000 yuan / month and works 12 hours a day with two shifts. Labor cost: 3000 × 2 person / 30 days / 24 hours = 8.33 yuan / hour.


5. Maintenance costs

WNS gas boilers and SZS gas boilers have undergone comprehensive inspection and quenching treatment before leaving the factory. The failure rate is extremely low, and the subsequent maintenance costs of the boiler are reduced. If it is a 1-ton gas-fired steam boiler, the maintenance cost can be around 2000 a year. Calculated according to the use time of 8 hours a day, 365 days a year, the hourly operating cost of the boiler is: 2000/365/8 = 0.68 yuan.

Combining the above five aspects of cost input, the hourly operating cost of a 1-ton gas boiler can be summarized: 245 yuan / hour + 3.3 yuan / hour + 2.535 yuan / hour + 8.33 yuan / hour + 0.68 yuan / hour = 259.845 yuan / hour.


It is also worth noting that the above calculations are based on the operating costs of the boiler at full load. However, due to the different requirements of boilers by enterprises and institutions that use boilers, they may not be fixed at full load. Therefore, the actual operating cost of the boiler is lower than the currently calculated 259.845 yuan.


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