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Generally speaking, a 2-ton boiler, if it is a steam boiler, has the ability to convert 2 tons of water into steam per hour; if it is a hot water boiler, it generates 1.4MW of heat per hour; if it is a boiler, it is hourly Produces 2 tons of boiling water, and so on. Different boiler types have different meanings. Let us first understand the next 2 tons of biomass boiler.


2 ton biomass boiler 2020


Biomass boilers are divided into biomass steam boilers and biomass hot water boilers according to different outlet media, which provide enterprises with steam for steam curing, drying, and hot water for heating and bathing. The 2-ton biomass boiler is the most common boiler tonnage. The 2-ton biomass boiler produced by ZOZEN has a complete range of models, whether in the boiler industry or the boiler structure.


Under the current world’s energy shortage and serious environmental pollution, biomass is used as a renewable energy source, and the biomass has low sulfur content and low nitrogen content, and the content of NOx and SO2 after combustion is very low. It is very small, so the content of smoke and dust is extremely low after full combustion. At the same time, the biomass combustion process has the characteristics of CO2 ‘zero’ emission, and the development and utilization of biomass energy has broad prospects.


2 ton biomass boiler for sale


ZOZEN produces 2 tons of biomass boilers. Quick-install biomass boilers and assembled biomass boilers. Generally used for centralized heating, winter heating for urban residents, and domestic hot water supply for process hot water.


2 ton biomass boiler performance advantages:

1. High calorific value and good combustion of biomass molding fuel, 50-1000 calories higher than the original calorific value, heat generation between 3200 calories and 5280 calories, and combustion temperature up to 1060 ℃, which can completely replace coal Volatile solid fuel with a combustion rate of over 95%.

2. The specific gravity and long burning time of the straw are pulverized, pressurized, and densely formed, and its density can reach 0.9-1.4g / cm3. The volume of the molded product is only equivalent to 1/30 of the original straw, which greatly extends the burning time. , 10-15 times the original straw of the same weight, easy to store and transport.

3. Rich resources and renewables At present, China’s agricultural biomass resources straw output has exceeded 700 million tons, and the resources are abundant and sufficient, equivalent to about 350 million tons of standard coal, which is equivalent to 7 Shendong coal fields. If all of them are used, 850 million can be reduced. Ton of carbon dioxide, equivalent to 1/8 of the national carbon dioxide emissions in 2007, has a strong environmental advantage. Saving saves resources, is renewable, sustainable, inexhaustible and endless.

4. Extensive applications Biomass fuels are widely used in living, decentralized heating, bathing centers, and industrial boilers, opening up new ways for industrial coal burning and fuel shortages.


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