Difference between Boiler and Steam Generator

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The biggest difference between steam generators and steam boilers is the grade regulations of the boiler inspection institute. In fact, steam generators belong to steam boilers, but steam boilers are not steam generators. Steam generators are classified according to the grade of the boiler inspection institute. It belongs to a pressure vessel, and the production and use conditions are slightly simpler. Therefore, steam generators are now called the mainstream of the steam thermal energy industry, and steam boilers are only used in companies that require large gas capacity. Furthermore, in daily life, people are accustomed to referring to the equipment that produces steam as a boiler; so many people will say that the steam generator is understood as a steam boiler.

35 ton steam boiler

The specific difference between steam generators and boilers is reflected in the following: First, we must analyze their working principles. The heat of steam generated by the steam generator mainly comes from the heat carrier medium-soft water. It does not need to burn fuel or exhaust gas. It can produce steam in continuous work or between gaps, and the cost of skills and environmental protection is low. The steam boiler has its own independent set of operating system, from fuel combustion to exhaust gas, the cost is relatively high.

The steam boiler contains a steam generator, but the steam generator is not a steam boiler. The steam generator is a mechanical device that uses fuel or other energy to heat water to produce hot water or steam. According to the classification of the boiler inspection institute, the steam generator belongs to the pressure vessel, and the production and use are simpler.


Difference between steam generator and steam boilers

  1. Inspection-free products. The water storage capacity of the steam generator is less than 30L, does not have airtightness, has no safety hazards, and is not within the scope of boiler technical safety monitoring;
  2. Small and flexible. The steam generator has a compact structure, a small area, no need to build a boiler room, and is generally installed with universal wheels, which is very convenient to use and move;
  3. Steam speed. The once-through steam generation technology, through the heat exchanger, quickly generates steam, which is ready for use without preheating;
  4. Automatic control. The application of frequency conversion technology enables the steam generator to be automatically adjusted according to the size of the gas consumption, to achieve distribution on demand, energy saving and environmental protection.

The steam generator and the pursuit boiler are not large in function, and small steam boilers can be replaced by steam generators. Because of its inspection-free and intelligent features, it has gradually been recognized by the society.


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