What is The Meaning of 10 Ton Boiler?

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sSteam is unavoidable in industrial production, but some customers do not know what size boiler to choose. The 10-ton gas-fired steam boiler is a boiler that is widely used in industrial production, so customers will ask: What is the amount of steam produced per hour by a 10-ton boiler?
what is the meaning of 10 ton boiler
The meaning of “ton” in the concept of 10 ton steam boiler, when describing the calorific value of a steam boiler, people are accustomed to using the “ton” of steam per hour to express the heat output per unit time of the boiler, which is also called boiler capacity, boiler thermal power, The output of the boiler, etc., it expresses the heat content of a ton of steam, which represents the heat supply per unit time or the heat output value of the boiler when the boiler is working. 10 tons refers to the capacity of the boiler, also called output. For steam boilers, it refers to the rated evaporation capacity of 10 tons per hour, and the hot water boilers provides 7MW of heat per hour, which is equivalent to the traditional 10 tons hot water boilers. The calorific value of a 1 ton boiler is 60×104 kcal and 0.7 MW. For example, the thermal power of a 10-ton steam boiler is 10*0.7 MW or 10x60x104 kcal per hour.

Generally speaking, a 10-ton natural gas boilers produces 10 tons of steam per hour at rated power, less than 10 tons of steam per hour below the rated power, and more than 10 tons of steam per hour above the rated power. During the operation of 10 tons of natural gas, do not overload it, otherwise it is prone to failure and reduce the service life of the boiler.

The common specifications of ZOZEN Boiler’s 10 ton natural gas steam boiler are WNS10-1.25-Y(Q), SZS10-1.25-Q. WNS type gas boiler was developed by Zheng Boiler and German technology cooperation, it is a horizontal internal combustion chamber-fired boiler; SZS type gas boiler is Zheng Boiler using Xi’an Jiaotong University patent, is a double drum vertical chamber-fired gas boiler.


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