What Is The Meaning of 10 Ton Boiler?

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“Ton” is a material quality unit, how much he is to describe the material properties of a physical quantity, such as 1 ton, 2 tons of water, baking soda, 3 tons of coal, etc., 1 ton = 1000 kg = 1000 kg and 1 kg = 9.8 Newton, in the field of boiler this special industry, however, people and the new concept and meaning, or nature of the new connotation, such as 4 tons of steam boiler, 5 tons of gas steam boilers, coal-fired hot water boiler 6 tons, 10 tons of gas hot water boiler, 4 tons of tea stove, etc., so the parameter “1 ton” here “2 tons” stand for?

what is the meaning of 10 ton boiler

In steam boiler heat size property description, people used to use every hour how many “t” to express the boiler steam calorific value per unit time, is also called the capacity of the boiler, boiler thermal power, and the size of the boiler output, and so on, its expression is tons of steam contains quantity of heat, work on behalf of the boiler heating or heat output value per unit time.

The capacity of a steam boiler can also be characterized by thermal power.
The unit is MW (MW) capacity of a hot water boiler which can only be characterized by thermal power.
1 ton boiler =0.7MW boiler, 2 ton boiler =1.4MW boiler, and so on.
In addition, the pressure of 1kg = 9800Pa = 0.098mpa, but we usually think that the pressure of 10kg = 1.0mpa, the pressure of 13kg = 1.3mpa, and so on.

10,000 kcal/hour ≈11.63 kW
1 kw =0.086 million kcal/hour
The evaporation capacity of 1 ton is ≈ 600,000 CAL/hour
Evaporation capacity of 10,000 kcal/hour ≈0.0166 tons
1 ton evaporation ≈700 kW 1 kw ≈0.0014 ton evaporation
To sum up, the 6-ton boiler is 3.6 million kcal, or 4.2MW.
10 ton boiler is 6 million kcal, or 7MW;
20 ton boiler is 12 million kilocalories, or 14MW.

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