Difference Between High and Low Pressure Boiler

July 10, 2020

Boilers can be divided into high-pressure boilers and low-pressure boilers according to the level of pressure. It is precisely because low-pressure boilers have low-pressure characteristics, so it has good safety, and also has certain high-temperature resistance and corrosion resistance characteristics, suitable for various occasions The heating is widely used in various industries.

szl biomass boiler

The so-called low-pressure, medium-pressure, high-pressure and ultra-high-pressure boilers are divided by the pressure of the steam produced by the boiler. According to the gauge pressure, the levels are as follows:

Low pressure boiler: <2.45Mpa(<25kgf/cm2);

Medium pressure boiler: 3.82-5.78Mpa (39-59kgf/cm2);

High pressure boiler: 5.88-12.64Mpa (60-129kgf/cm2);

Ultra high pressure boiler: 12.74-15.58Mpa (130-159kgf/cm2);

Subcritical boiler: 15.68-18.62Mpa (160-190kgf/cm2);

High critical boiler: >22.45Mpa (>229kgf/cm2);


The heating system of the low-pressure boiler is also quite powerful, making its thermochemical properties more stable. At the same time, the noise of the boiler is very small, but the service life is very long. It is precisely because of the high efficiency of the electro-thermal conversion of the low-pressure boiler that it heats up quickly.

The outstanding performance of the low-pressure boiler is also its insulation strength and energy saving, which can save about 30% of resources, which brings a lot of convenience and help to life. The low-pressure boiler has a relatively complete fuel system, which can effectively ensure that the burner burns all the dyes, thereby greatly improving the utilization rate of the boiler.


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