Fire Tube Boiler for Central Heating

July 8, 2020

Gas hot water boilers are mainly used for heating and domestic water in residential quarters, schools, hotels, factories, office buildings, flower and vegetable greenhouses. Heating boilers are also called heating boilers and heating boilers. Gas heating boiler refers to a boiler that uses gas combustion to heat boiler water or flue gas to meet people’s heating. Gas includes natural gas, city gas, liquefied gas and biogas. With the improvement of everyone’s safety consciousness, after 2000, the heating of buildings is based on hot water and no longer uses steam boilers for heating. Therefore, the gas heating boilers we usually refer to are atmospheric gas hot water boilers.

wns fire tube boiler

In a fire tube boiler, the high-temperature flue gas generated by the burner flows through a threaded flue pipe surrounded by water to heat the water, steam, or steam-water mixture outside the flue pipe wall to produce steam or hot water. WNS series gas-fired boiler is a shell-type three-pass wet-back fuel gas boiler designed by our company based on advanced technology and experience at home and abroad. It is the most popular product for customers. WNS series boilers are safe and reliable, with thermal efficiency up to 98%, energy saving and environmental protection, long service life and fully automatic intelligent control.

14MW hot water boiler

Gas heating boiler

  1. Professional control system makes the operation status of the boiler clear and controllable
  2. Adopt original imported burners, fully automatic program control, energy saving and environmental protection, with flameout protection device to ensure combustion safety.
  3. The boiler structure is designed according to normal pressure, and the top is provided with a vent hole. The boiler works under normal pressure. The fuel burns under a positive pressure in the furnace. The high-temperature flue gas radiates heat in the furnace and enters the pyrotechnic tube for convection Heat exchange, and finally discharged through the upper smoke box.
  4. The boiler has multiple safety protections to prevent the danger of dry burning.
  5. Use glass wool as the whole body insulation, light weight, good insulation effect, and less heat loss.


Both fuel oil and gas heating boilers are room-fired boilers. The fuel used is burned by the burner sprayed into the furnace, and no slag will be generated after combustion. This type of heating boiler does not require the complex and huge crushing, transporting tender coal installation and combustion and dust removal equipment placed by the coal-fired boiler, so it has a compact structure, small size, light weight, small footprint, small pollution, and high degree of automation. Areas and units that have high requirements for environmental protection, prohibit the use of coal-fired boilers, and have relatively small boiler rooms and high requirements for heating regulation technology are widely used.


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