Enhance Productivity with ZOZEN’s High-Efficiency 20 Ton Steam Boiler

April 10, 2024

In the industrial sector, steam boilers play a crucial role and are widely utilized across various industries. Steam boilers are essential heat supply equipment, extensively employed in industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food processing, textiles, papermaking, and metallurgy. They provide high-temperature and high-pressure steam required for heating reactors, equipment, and production lines, thereby enhancing productivity and product quality. Among them, the 20 ton steam boiler is a reasonable choice.

Introducing ZOZEN’s Oil and Gas 20 ton Steam Boiler
ZOZEN offers three series of steam boilers suitable for oil and gas combustion: the WNS series horizontal internal combustion boiler, the SZS series double-drum vertical arrangement D-type boiler, and the ZZ series medium-temperature and medium-pressure fuel/gas steam boiler. All three series provide the option of a 20 ton steam boiler capacity. These products are known for their safety, efficiency, energy conservation, easy maintenance, durability, and fully automatic intelligent control.

  • The WNS series horizontal internal combustion boiler features a corrugated furnace design that enhances gas disturbance and improves heat transfer efficiency. Additionally, the threaded smoke tubes prolong the residence time of the flue gas, thereby intensifying heat transfer.
  • The SZS series double-drum vertical arrangement D-type boiler employs a full-membrane water-cooled wall structure, which enhances heat transfer efficiency. It utilizes micro-positive pressure combustion, eliminating smoke backflow and ensuring a pollution-free operating environment.
  • The ZZ series medium-temperature and medium-pressure fuel/gas steam boiler minimizes heat loss through its furnace body and employs high-quality alumina silicate fiber and refractory cement for insulation.

Introducing ZOZEN’s Biomass 20 ton Steam Boiler
ZOZEN’s biomass boilers offer wide fuel adaptability, including biomass pellets, wood chips, palm shells, straw, and other biomass fuels. The boilers are designed with consideration for the specific characteristics of different fuels, ensuring high efficiency, energy savings, and stable operation. They effectively address issues such as ash and coke accumulation, abrasion, arching before combustion, and fuel hopper concerns. The DZL, SHL, and SZL series all offer a 20 ton steam boiler capacity.

  • The DZL series non-clogging biomass steam boiler is a ZOZEN-developed product with independent intellectual property rights. This series allows users to choose between a chain grate or reciprocating grate to meet various biomass fuel requirements.
  • The SHL series bulk biomass steam boiler features a large furnace design that extends the residence time of flue gas in the furnace, ensuring thorough combustion of fly ash and combustible gases.
  • The SZL series biomass steam boiler is equipped with a stoker and a speed regulating gearbox, allowing for optimal design based on the biomass combustion rate.
20 ton steam boiler
DZL series biomass boiler case

Highlighting the Advantages of ZOZEN’s 20 ton Steam Boiler

  • Extensive Selection: ZOZEN, a prominent industrial boiler brand, offers a wide range of parameters and models for their 20 ton steam boiler. They include gas, oil, coal, and biomass boilers with rated working pressures of 1.25, 1.6, and 2.5MPa, and rated steam temperatures of 194, 204, and 225°C. The gas-fired 20 ton steam boiler achieves an impressive thermal efficiency of above 100%.
  • Technological Innovation: ZOZEN continuously invests in research and development to optimize the parameters of their 20 ton steam boiler, making them more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.
  • Quality Assurance: ZOZEN maintains strict control over every production process to ensure the reliability and stability of their products.
  • Service Support: In addition to providing high-quality products, ZOZEN offers comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales services, ensuring customers can fully leverage the performance of their boilers.

Case Study
ZOZEN’s SZL series 20 ton steam boiler, implemented in cooperation with the Pakistani food industry, is currently running smoothly, achieving high customer satisfaction, and delivering cost savings and efficiency improvements for the enterprise.


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