Gas Boiler Price in Pakistan: ZOZEN Offers Cost-effective Products

April 3, 2024


In Pakistan, a country with significant energy demands, gas plays a vital role as the primary energy source. Among the key players in meeting these energy needs are gas boilers. However, it is important to note that gas boiler price in Pakistan is not straightforward and varies depending on factors such as boiler size, specifications, and accessory selection, etc. ZOZEN specializes in providing tailored solutions for gas boiler systems, offering good gas boiler price in Pakistan, professional technical expertise and sales support to ensure high-quality service.

WNS Series Gas Boilers:
The WNS series gas boilers, with a working pressure range of 0.7-2 MPa, cater to a diverse range of customer requirements. The thermal capacity of the steam boilers ranges from 1 to 20 tons per hour, while the hot water boilers have capacities from 0.7 to 14 MW. This series features a corrugated furnace design to enhance gas disturbance and improve heat transfer efficiency. Additionally, threaded smoke tubes prolong the residence time of flue gas, further strengthening heat transfer. With full automation, these boilers offer safe and reliable operation, ensuring high thermal efficiency. You can know more about WNS series gas boiler price in Pakistan in our product list.

SZS Series Gas Boilers:
The SZS series gas boilers provide even greater parameter options for customers, with a working pressure range of 1.25-5.4 MPa. The steam boilers have a thermal capacity ranging from 2 to 110 tons per hour, while the hot water boilers offer capacities from 7 to 116 MW. This series ensures high-quality steam by incorporating properly sized steam drums and steam-water separators, reducing steam carryover and maximizing system thermal efficiency. The combustion chamber adopts a full membrane water-cooled wall structure to enhance heat transfer performance. You can know more about SZS series gas boiler price in Pakistan in our product list.

gas boiler price in pakistan
ZOZEN‘s SZS series gas boiler

ZZ Series Medium Temperature and Pressure Gas Boilers:
With a working pressure range of 2.5-5.4 MPa and a thermal capacity of 20-130 tons per hour, the ZZ series gas boilers offer wide fuel adaptability, including natural gas, coke oven gas, blast furnace gas, carbon black exhaust gas, and biogas. Designed with convenient access points, such as manholes at the top and bottom of the boiler and inspection doors at the rear, these boilers facilitate easy inspection and maintenance. The furnace body features low heat dissipation and is insulated with high-quality silica-alumina fiber and refractory materials. You can know more about ZZ series gas boiler price in Pakistan in our product list.

Customer Case Study:
An excellent example of ZOZEN’s collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry in Pakistan is the successful deployment of the SZS series 15-ton boiler. This case highlights the reliability and efficiency of ZOZEN’s gas boilers in meeting the specific needs of different industries. Importantly, good gas boiler price in Pakistan wins this collaboration for ZOZEN.

ZOZEN’s Customer Service:
ZOZEN is committed to providing comprehensive and customized services to its customers. The company offers project technical consultations, tailored boiler system solutions, installation guidance, and other support services. ZOZEN strives to address each customer’s concerns and challenges effectively, helping them achieve their goals of cost reduction and efficiency enhancement. And remember, ZOZEN not only offers comprehensive and customized services, but also offer good gas boiler price in Pakistan.

In the competitive gas boiler market of Pakistan, ZOZEN stands out by offering good gas boiler price in Pakistan and other boilers. With a wide range of gas boiler series and a customer-centric approach, ZOZEN caters to the diverse needs of industries, providing reliable and efficient solutions. Whether it’s the WNS series, SZS series, or ZZ series, ZOZEN’s gas boilers deliver exceptional performance, ensuring customer satisfaction and contributing to Pakistan’s energy landscape.


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