Low Nitrogen Gas Boiler for Pharmaceutical Industry

November 17, 2022

As a manufacturer of environmentally friendly gas boilers, ZOZEN Boiler Co., Ltd. has developed and produced the WNS series gas boilers, and has become a boiler equipment supplier for pharmaceutical companies with the advantage of low nitrogen emission. Having developed more than 30 years in the industrial boiler industry, we have developed more than 400 models of boiler products, have 15,580 successful cases and have rich experience in project cooperation services.

Under the strict requirements of the pharmaceutical industry in terms of exhaust gas emissions and discharge of boilers, ZOZEN developed the WNS series low-NOx gas boilers and other boilers that use clean fuel and clean combustion technology have been rapidly developed. ZOZEN gas boilers ensure NOx emissions as low as 30mg/Nm3 by regulating the combustion temperature, the concentration of oxygen in the flue gas, and the residence time of the flue gas in the high temperature zone to suppress NOx production or reduce the NOx already produced.

automatic industrial gas boiler
automatic industrial gas boiler

Pharmaceutical companies have high requirements for environmental hygiene and equally high requirements for steam quality, which also accounts for a large proportion of energy consumption. When choosing the type of boiler, whether the emission coefficient is up to standard and whether the steam quality is excellent are taken into consideration. ZOZEN gas boilers change the combustion method of traditional boilers and achieve ultra-low emissions through advanced combustion methods and boiler structure design, with NOx emissions meeting and better than local emission standards, realizing the unity of economic and environmental benefits.

ZOZEN gas steam boiler fully automatic boiler control system is easy to operate, not only can automatically adjust the combustion, water level, temperature and steam pressure, more scientific and efficient to ensure stable operation of the boiler, effectively reduce the cost of boiler room operation and maintenance, to meet the development needs of pharmaceutical companies, won the unanimous praise of customers, praised ZOZEN boiler is worth long-term cooperation partner.

natural gas fire tube steam boiler
natural gas fire tube steam boiler

ZOZEN boilers always take customers’ needs as the main direction, strictly control the quality of boilers, and passed a series of domestic and international quality certification, while continuously improving product quality, ZOZEN boilers to achieve the environmental performance of boilers to improve again, reduce the pollution of the atmosphere, help enterprises to achieve green development, and strive to grow into a world-renowned industrial boiler manufacturing enterprises as soon as possible!


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