Canned Food Factory Gas Steam Boiler

September 16, 2022

Steam boiler is one of the necessary production heating equipment for the food manufacturing industry, and the quality of its output steam will directly affect the quality and safety of food. As a famous boiler manufacturer in food industry, ZOZEN boiler has provided various types of high quality gas boiler products for many food processing plants. WNS series fire tube gas boilers are especially welcomed by small and medium-sized food plants.

Usually, steam supports processes such as distillation, drying and maturation in food processing, while a common way to sterilize food plants is to use high-temperature steam to kill germs. Considering that steam boilers are high energy consumption equipment, therefore, food industry users need not only stable boiler equipment, but also boiler life and lower operating costs.

fire tube gas steam boiler
fire tube gas steam boiler

The capacity range of WNS series gas steam boiler covers 1-20 tons, meeting the steam volume demand of most food factories. The boiler is designed by ZOZEN boiler according to the advanced technology and experience at home and abroad, with reasonable structure and complete system, featuring safety and high efficiency, energy saving and high degree of automation, which can help users in food industry to achieve the goal of cost reduction and efficiency increase. The boilers of this series are all delivered in one package, with small footprint, flexible and convenient installation and low cost, which are ideal for small and medium-sized food factories.

A professional production of various types of canned food production and processing enterprises, the production process requires the use of high-temperature, high-pressure steam sterilization of canned food, so as to ensure that canned food can be stored for a long time without deterioration. The customer purchased a WNS series two-way gas steam boiler, which effectively improves the thermal efficiency of the heating system through the use of condensing technology. During the operation of the boiler, the natural gas is fully burned by the low-NOx burner, and the high-temperature flue gas is efficiently transferred through the corrugated furnace liner and the threaded flue pipe, so that the boiler can produce high thermal power and high-quality steam with high efficiency. In addition, the end of the boiler flue is equipped with a condensing energy-saving device, which again fully absorbs the waste heat in the exhaust gas, making the boiler thermal efficiency up to 98% or more.

WNS series gas fuel condensing boiler
WNS series gas fuel condensing boiler

In view of the stringent local emission standards, ZOZEN recommends the FGR flue gas recirculation system, an advanced ultra-low nitrogen combustion technology, for its food plant customers. This technology suppresses NOx production by re-injecting part of the flue gas into the appropriate part of the furnace chamber, lowering the local temperature in the chamber as well as creating a local reducing atmosphere. This technology has high maturity, low cost, and can reduce NOx to below 30mg/Nm, which is widely used in gas boilers and also effectively reduces the environmental pressure of food factory. ZOZEN’s engineers provide one-on-one consulting services for you, feel free to contact via online inquiry, WhatsApp, or email.


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