Horizontal Biomass Fired Boiler in South Africa

July 27, 2022

Horizontal biomass boilers use formed biomass pellets as fuel, which has renewable fuel, low operating cost and low sulfur dioxide/nitrogen oxide content. It is used according to the actual situation with full consideration of local environmental assessment. Biomass pellet fuel is widely available everywhere (e.g. rice husk, corn straw, rice straw, wheat) and the running cost is between coal and natural gas, which helps to reduce production cost for enterprises and is relatively clean for the environment we live in.

4 ton 1.25mpa biomass fired boiler
4 ton 1.25mpa biomass fired boiler

DZL series pakaged chain grate boiler is a single-barrel longitudinal chain grate boiler, suitable for burning formed biomass fuel, or pure coal or mixed coal and formed biomass fuel. There is a coal saver at the end of the boiler, and the discharged ash and slag can be used directly as agricultural fertilizer, which is highly efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly. At the same time, the boiler is equipped with a blower and induced draft fan for mechanical ventilation, and a spiral slagging machine for mechanical slagging, with complete control and monitoring instruments, the boiler operates safely and reliably.

The convection heat transfer section of the energy-saving and high-efficiency biomass boiler adopts multi-return heat transfer, and the tail of the boiler is equipped with an energy-efficient heat transfer device with high thermal efficiency and safe and stable operation. The boiler adopts high-quality insulation materials and special construction techniques, with low heat loss, low exhaust smoke temperature and high thermal efficiency.

DZL series packaged biomass steam boiler
DZL series packaged biomass steam boiler

This series of industrial biomass boiler adopts unique double-layer secondary air design, which improves the ignition conditions of biomass fuel, adopts independent gas chamber, realizes reasonable air distribution, and forms a good aerodynamic field in the furnace chamber, resulting in high combustion temperature and high combustion efficiency. The whole quick installation form is shipped from boiler factory, and the electrical control realizes stepless speed regulation, limit parameter alarm and interlock protection. ZOZEN has various models of biomass boiler products to meet different production needs, contact our engineers now to customize the boiler system for your project.


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