The Main Performance Indicators of 35 Tons Boiler

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1. Boiler Capacity

It refers to the ability of steam boiler, hot water boiler, organic heat carrier furnace to provide thermal energy. Large-capacity heating has a large capacity and output; otherwise, it is small. For example, a steam boiler with a capacity of 1t / h means the ability of the boiler to turn 1 ton of water into saturated steam under a certain pressure within one hour; for example, a 0.7MW hot water furnace and an organic heat carrier furnace can be used at 1 Generates heat equivalent to 0.7MW in one hour (equivalent to 1 ton of steam).


steam boiler


2. Boiler Pressure

The boiler pressure (pressure) usually referred to in the boiler industry refers to the force perpendicular to the unit wall area of ​​the container, which is expressed by “Mpa”, and the old unit is “kg force / cm2” (kgf / cm2).

4. Saturated Steam

The water in the boiler is heated at a certain pressure by the heat released by the fuel combustion and boils, and the vaporization becomes steam. The temperature of the boiler water in the boiling state is saturated steam; the higher the pressure in the boiler, the higher the temperature of the saturated steam. . For example, the saturated steam temperature of 1.0Mpa is 184 ° C, and the saturated steam temperature of 1.25Mpa is 193 ° C.

5. Superheated Steam

Steam with a temperature above the saturation temperature at the corresponding pressure is called superheated steam. Superheated steam has a large enthalpy, high entropy value, and great ability to perform work. Superheated steam with the same quality as saturated steam is used as a heat source, which can increase the temperature of the heated medium. electric power.


water tube boiler


6. Boiler Thermal Efficiency

It refers to the percentage of heat absorbed by water, steam, or thermal oil during the heat transfer process of the boiler or organic heat carrier furnace, which accounts for the heat released by the complete combustion of the fuel entering the boiler.

7.  The oiler commonly used measurement units and conversion:

(1) Boiler evaporation and boiler thermal efficiency: 1 ton / hour (t / h) ≈ 60 × 104 kcal (kcal) / hour (kcal / h ≈ 0.7 megawatt (MW)

(2) Boiler evaporation and boiler horsepower: 1 ton / hour (t / h) ≈ 71.1 boiler horsepower (BHP)

(3) Boiler pressure engineering unit and international unit of measurement: 1 MPa (Mpa) ≈ 10 kgf / cm2 (kgf / cm2)

(4) Megapascals and Pascals: 1 Megapascal (Mpa) = 106 Pa (pa) 1 Pa (pa) = 0.01mbar (mbar) ≈ 10-5 kgf / cm2 (engineering atmospheric pressure) (kgf / cm2) 1 Pa (pa) ≈ 0.1 mm water column (mmH2O)

(5) Force and gravity: 1 kgf (kgf) = 9.81 Newton (N)

(6) Calories: 1 kilocalorie (kcal) = 4.187 kilojoules (KJ)

(7) Volume (volume): 1 cubic meter (m3) = 1000 liters (L) 1 liter (L) = 1000 milliliters (ML)


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