What Is a Water Tube Boiler?

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In the whole structure of water tube boiler, boiler drum and collecting box are two important parts, they play different roles respectively. So, what kind of structure do boiler drum and collecting box have after all, and what kind of function?


It is the boiler tube of water tube boiler that says first, common have double boiler tube and single boiler tube two kinds of form, as the name implies double boiler tube water tube boiler is to have two boiler tubes certainly, among them on boiler tube what contains inside is soda water mixture, and inside boiler tube is water.


industrial water tube boiler


Regardless of that part of the pot, are made of steel head and barrel body welded into a cylindrical container, sealing head opened with a hole, but inside the pot is equipped with water distribution device, water separation device, sewage device, etc., external connection heating surface pipe, and equipped with safety accessories; The lower pot is provided with a blowdown device.


In addition to holding a certain amount of water, the tube boiler can also make the boiler to maintain a certain level of water, improve the stability of boiler pressure and steam temperature. It can form a circulation loop with the evaporative heating surface tube so that the soda mixture can be separated in the upper pot. The setting of the lower boiler tube of the high pressure fan is mainly to form a circulation loop with the upper boiler tube and the convection tube bundle to deposit water slag and discharge it regularly.


water tube boiler


Then we talk about the collecting box in the water tube boiler, a kind of seamless steel pipe with a large diameter and two end caps welded together to form the box body, with a lot of control on the top, you can weld the pipe. The collecting box can not only collect or distribute steam and water working medium in multiple pipes; but also can reduce the transfer of working medium connection pipe and the number of holes in the pot barrel, the role is very big.


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