10MW Biomass Fired Boiler in France

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10MW biomass fired boiler is an industrial hot water boiler, which can be used for heating and production of hot water. At present, there are many kinds of biomass fuel, the boiler market has straw boiler, sugar aldehyde slag boiler, palm shell boiler, etc., these boilers are roughly the same type of furnace, but according to the different design of fuel, boiler parameters are different. Biomass fuel as a renewable energy, biomass raw materials are mostly agricultural and forestry waste, burning straw generated ash can be used to add fertilizer to the farmland, ash residue contains rich nitrogen suitable for the growth of crops.

10MW biomass-fired boiler
10MW biomass-fired boiler

Consumption of biomass pellet boiler calculation: biomass furnace consumption = 600000 calories per hour * tonnage/fuel calorific value/boiler combustion efficiency, 1 hour to 10 tons of straw steam boiler with the question of how much fuel, for example, 1 ton is 600000 calories, assuming that the fuel calories is 4000 kcal, boiler thermal efficiency is 85%, then a 10 tons of burning biomass pellet boiler 1 hour need fuel quantity is 600000 * 10/4000/85%, will be about 1800 kg/h.

SZL Series Biomass Hot Water Boiler

  1. Arrange enough heating surface, so that the heat released by fuel combustion can be fully absorbed by the heating surface and then transmitted to the working medium, the smoke exhaust temperature is lower than 160℃.
  2. Reasonably arrange the front and rear arch, improve the temperature of the furnace, strengthen the disturbance of flue gas in the high temperature area, and reduce the loss of chemical incomplete combustion and fly ash.
  3. The use of large grate plate or scale grate plate, and ensure that there is enough effective area of the grate, improve the reliability of grate operation at the same time, ensure that the fuel fully burnt.
  4. Adopt two side air inlet, separate air chamber, separate adjustment, stable combustion and reliable operation. The smoke inertial separation device is installed at the furnace exit to make the original dust discharge concentration of the boiler lower than 1800mg/Nm. With the combination of efficient multi-pipe dust collector and bag dust collector, the boiler smoke discharge meets the requirements of national class I regions.

DZL Series Biomass Boiler Features

  1. Rationally arrange heating surface and combustion device, adopt high-efficiency threaded smoke pipe, and the thermal efficiency of boiler is 2%-5% higher than national standard.
  2. Reasonable smoke speed design, boiler heating surface no ash, no wear, under the condition of no blowing ash, can maintain high efficiency, full load, safe operation for a long time.
  3. High furnace is easy to design reasonable furnace arch according to different fuels, improve the burning degree of fuel and eliminate black smoke. The smoke at the exit of the furnace is separated by inertia, which can effectively reduce the dust concentration of exhaust smoke and reduce the wear on the rear heating surface.
  4. The use of high strength bulk grate plate or phosphorus plate grate, large grate with roller device, improve the safety of the grate, less leakage, convenient combustion adjustment.
  5. Compact structure, fast installation or assembly factory, easy installation, shorten the installation cycle.
    The water volume is large, which is beneficial to power failure protection and strong ability to adapt to load change.
  6. The rear part of the boiler is equipped with multi-pipe dust remover and bag dust remover. The exhaust gas is superior to the national standard and meets the national environmental protection requirements.
biomass-fired boiler export to Vietnam
biomass-fired boiler export to Vietnam

In order to meet the requirements of environmental protection, biomass boiler has become the first choice of many enterprises, ZOZEN has different capacity of SZL series, DZL series and DZL series hot water boiler products, can meet different production needs, welcome to contact us for quotation and help!


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