Comparison Costs of 4 Tons Gas and Biomass Steam Boilers

June 23, 2020

Many customers have the problem of choosing a gas boiler or a biomass boiler when buying a boiler under 10 tons. One is that the policy support of biomass boilers in many regions is not very clear. Another important reason is that Operating costs of biomass boilers. Biomass boiler manufacturers will take a comparative analysis of the operating costs of 4 tons of biomass boilers and gas boilers as an example.

4 ton oil fird boiler

Boiler operating cost calculation formula: the fuel cost accounts for more than 90% of the boiler operating cost. Therefore, we mainly talk about the fuel cost comparison between the 4 ton biomass boiler and the gas boiler.
Boiler fuel consumption = boiler tonnage * 600,000 kcal / fuel heating value / boiler thermal efficiency.

Comparison of operating costs between 4 tons of biomass boiler and 4 tons of gas boiler

cost of 4 tons of biomass boiler
The calorific value of biomass fuel is calculated based on 3800 kcal/kg, the thermal efficiency of the biomass boiler is 84%, then the fuel consumption of 4 tons of biomass boiler = 4*600,000 kcal/3800 kcal/kg/0.84=752kg.

4 tons of gas boiler operating costs
We use a 4 ton natural gas boiler as an example to calculate the operating cost of a 4 ton gas boiler.
The calorific value of natural gas is 8500 kcal/cubic, the thermal efficiency of natural gas boiler is 95%, and the price of natural gas is 3.5 yuan/cubic. Then the gas consumption of a 4 ton natural gas boiler = 4*600,000 kcal/8500 kcal/cubic/0.95=297 cubic.

cost of 10 ton wns gas oil fired boiler

Through the above comparison, it can be found that the operating cost of the 4 ton biomass boiler is higher than the operating cost of the 4 ton gas boiler. However, many regions have many subsidies for the gas boiler. Combined, the operating cost of the gas boiler will not be very high. Moreover, many regions have strict requirements for biomass boilers. Therefore, whether to choose a 4 ton biomass boiler or a 4 ton gas boiler should be determined by comprehensive consideration.

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