20 Ton Natural Gas Steam Boiler in Power Plant Station

June 24, 2020

20 tons of natural gas steam boiler for power generation, specific parameters are:
Furnace type: ZG20-3.82/450℃-Q
Rated evaporation: 20t/h
Rated steam pressure: 3.82MPa
Rated steam temperature: 450℃
Water supply temperature: 105℃
Thermal efficiency: 92%
Applicable fuel: fuel oil and various types of high and low calorific value gas
Scope of application: large-scale central heating, thermal power plant power generation, central heating

20 ton natural gas steam boiler in power plant station

Under standard conditions, gas boiler gas consumption = boiler heating capacity ÷ thermal efficiency ÷ natural gas heat, 20 tons gas steam boiler gas consumption = 1200000Kcal ÷ 8400kcal ÷ 99.8% = 1430m³.
After calculation, gas boilers produce an average of 1 ton of steam boilers, consuming 70-75m³ of natural gas, and users can calculate boiler fuel costs based on local gas prices
Note: The gas consumption calculation is under standard conditions. If you need to know accurate fuel consumption data, you need to comprehensively consider the boiler’s operating load, thermal efficiency, fuel calorific value, etc., please contact us for consultation!

WNS and SZS series can be a hot water boiler or a steam boiler, and it is a highly efficient and environmentally friendly boiler that is 100% safe and has a life span of more than 20 years. The fuels of a 20-ton natural gas steam boiler are mainly natural gas, biogas, coal gas, liquefied gas, mixed gas, diesel, methanol fuel, etc. The volume of this type of boiler is very small, and accordingly, the boiler cost is not high.

20 ton wns gas fired boiler

ZOZEN fuel gas boilers include WNS fuel oil boilers and SZS fuel oil boilers. These two series of energy-saving and environmentally friendly fuel oil boilers achieve the advantages of full combustion, pollution-free emissions, convenient operation, and easy installation; this type of boiler has high thermal efficiency, large output, and load adaptation Strong, high degree of automation, easy operation, safe and reliable operation, is an ideal, low-consumption, low-pollution green environmental protection product.

WNS fuel oil gas boiler and SZS fuel oil gas boiler both adopt mechanical and electrical integration structure, generous appearance, compact structure, less space occupation, convenient transportation, less infrastructure investment, which not only follows the concept of energy saving and environmental protection, but also meets the heat energy required by the project; In terms of production and use, this type of boiler truly achieves clean combustion, pollution-free discharge, convenient operation and sufficient output.


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