20t/h Gas Steam Boiler for Paper Industry

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Paper industry production process includes pulping, pressing, drying, rolling, winding, rewinding, storage and so on. The heating, dissolution, mechanical forming, black pulp concentration and extrusion drying of the chemicals in the pulping process require large amounts of steam, so the industrial boiler becomes the main power for the production of paper mills. Stable steam supply is the most important demand of paper enterprises. As is known to all, in order to respond to the national environmental protection requirements, all walks of life attach great importance to the emission standards of boilers. Therefore, gas steam boiler as a clean energy boiler has become the first product of paper enterprises.

szs gas fired steam boiler
szs gas fired steam boiler

Steam boilers of WNS series and SZS series produced by ZOZEN can be regarded as the commonly used boilers for industrial gas supply at present. The steam quality is the biggest advantage of these two series boilers. The boilers adopt “D” type energy-saving structure with high combustion efficiency and pollution-free emission. Aiming at the boiler demand of paper industry, Wuxi ZOZEN boiler has designed several sets of boiler solutions with high efficiency, energy saving and low emission for the users of paper industry. Among them, SZS series gas-fired boiler of ZOZEN can reach up to 160t/h, which meets the needs of many household paper production enterprises with the advantages of large scale.


In order to ensure the quality of ZOZEN boiler, all longitudinal and circumferential welded joints adopt advanced automatic submerged arc welding technology, and pass 100% radiographic flaw detection to eliminate unqualified welds. The design of the large diameter corrugated furnace of this series boiler provides sufficient heating surface and steam storage space to ensure the stable and efficient output of high-quality steam. With the addition of energy-saving equipment at the end of the flue, the exhaust temperature can be reduced to 60℃, and the thermal efficiency is up to over 98%.

25 ton steam boiler for paper industry
25 ton steam boiler for paper industry

20t/h SZS series gas boiler has the advantages of convenient operation, advanced PLC computer control system, has automatic water refill, program the ignition temperature control, ratio control pressure combustion, a variety of safety interlock protection automation technology, not only for the enterprise to reduce the operational cost, and through strict monitoring, SZS series of gas steam boiler can realize low nitrogen emissions, more enterprises to realize the economic and environmental benefits of double harvest.


According to different living paper production enterprise production scale and the difference of actual demand, ZOZEN boiler provides every customer with actual circumstances of gas boiler, not only conforms to the strict environmental protection standards, papermaking industry power enterprises on the road of sustainable development of the steady, promote the development of the whole household paper industry.


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