80Gcal Gas Boiler for Sale

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Gas boiler for sale has excellent performance and energy-saving effect, which is one of the ideal products for environmental protection. The boiler’s thermal efficiency is above 95%, with large space combustor and reasonable structure arrangement, which can convert more heat into water and greatly improve the quality of steam. The gas steam boiler is fully automatic. All the user needs is the start button. The boiler can be run according to a set procedure. The load, water supply and so on are fully automatic operation without special attention.

szs gas boiler for sale
szs gas boiler for sale

Gas boiler thermal load adaptability, according to the load (water temperature) flexible adjustment fire. The system starts quickly and reduces the consumption caused by previous work. Due to the small number of auxiliary equipment, the power consumption is lower than that of coal-fired boilers. Less miscellaneous gas in the gas, the boiler will not be corroded by the heating surface of high and low temperature, continuous operation of the boiler, less faults. Gas metering is simple and accurate, and gas supply is easy to adjust. In terms of reducing equipment maintenance and maintenance, the combustion coefficient equipment of gas-fired boiler is simple, the maintenance equipment is few, and the service life of heat pipe fittings is long. The gas-fired boiler is easy to operate and realize automatic control.


The design of gas steam boiler is reasonable. The whole boiler adopts the horizontal internal combustion three-pass full wet back design. Corrugated stoves have good thermal shrinkage properties. The overall design of the boiler, with enough heating area and reasonable structure layout, ensure the high efficiency of the boiler. This series of steam boilers are equipped with high quality burners, control systems (mainly imported components), valves and pumps made of high quality products. The use of quality boiler accessories for the safe and stable operation of the boiler provides a strong guarantee.

20 ton gas-fired steam boiler
20 ton gas-fired steam boiler

As is known to all, gas boiler for sales is generally applicable to textile factory, clothing factory, printing and dyeing factory, food factory, beverage factory, soybean products factory, meat products factory, canning factory, winery, pharmaceutical factory, building materials factory, paint factory and other places. At the same time, gas steam boiler sales are also applicable to manufacturing (chemical industry, petroleum processing, coking, paper, agriculture and non-food processing, etc.), power and thermal industry, construction industry and other industries.


Wuxi ZOZEN Boiler is a manufacturer specializing in the design and production of industrial boilers. We have A Class boiler manufacturing license, ISO9001 quality System Certification and ASME S (boiler) and ASME U (Pressure Vessel) design and manufacturing license. As a manufacturer of high efficiency and energy saving steam boilers, our boilers are sold in important markets at home and abroad.


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