6 Ton Natural Gas Boiler for Paper Mill

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Natural gas boiler is a kind of condensing boiler, which is a clean and environmental protection boiler fueled by natural gas. According to the size can be divided into vertical gas boiler and horizontal gas boiler, according to the purpose can be divided into natural gas steam boiler, natural gas hot water boiler and natural gas thermal oil boiler, according to the rated evaporation capacity (thermal power) can be divided into small boilers, medium-sized boilers and large boilers. It is the mainstream product in the industrial boiler industry at present, and it is the most used fuel boiler after it can completely replace the coal-fired boiler, occupying an important market position.

szs 6 ton natural gas boiler
szs 6 ton natural gas boiler

Advantages of 6 Ton Natural Gas Boiler

  1. Improved thermal efficiency. As the heat in the boiler tail gas is reused, its thermal efficiency is further improved. The improvement of thermal efficiency can not only reduce the fuel operating cost but also shorten the working time.
  2. Reduced fuel consumption. The heat from the exhaust is recycled, so it has less fuel, less fuel consumption, and less operating costs.
  3. Clean and environmentally friendly. Condensing flue gas recovery unit can reduce the content of nitrogen oxide in boiler tail gas, so that the content of nitrogen oxide in each cubic tail gas is less than 80mg, and the content of ultra-low nitrogen boiler is less than 30mg.

The natural gas condensing boiler adopts the condensing technology to recover and utilize the flue gas heat from the exhaust gas of the boiler and transfer the heat energy to the water in the boiler body again, which can reduce fuel consumption, improve the boiler thermal efficiency and reduce the operating cost of the boiler. The thermal efficiency of the natural gas condensing boiler can be as high as 98% and it is also the most efficient product among many boiler products.

When customers choose and buy a gas-fired boiler, boiler product parameters, such as thermal efficiency, size, fuel type, outlet temperature (steam temperature), boiler weight, operating cost, rated evaporation capacity (rated thermal power) and so on, are all factors that affect the boiler price. Among these parameters, the operating cost of the gas boiler is a relatively large one in the boiler product price.

Gas consumption of gas-fired boiler (per hour)= power of gas-fired boiler * time/fuel calorific value/thermal efficiency. Take the 2-ton gas-fired boiler as an example, the power is 1.4MW, the calorific value of fuel is 35.53MJ/Nm3, and the calorific value utilization ratio of the gas-fired boiler produced by Zheng Boiler is between 88% and 98%. Then, the gas consumption of the 2 ton gas-fired boiler is: 1.4MW*3600s/35.53MJ/Nm3/98%=102m3/h.

The price of a 6 ton gas-fired boiler can only be determined according to the type of the boiler and the configuration of the auxiliary equipment. Boiler host is ontology, and auxiliary boiler equipment, it contains points cylinder (tank), valves, meters, chimney, water treatment, softened water tank, computer control cabinet, burner, etc., different brand, the price will be different, so the price of 6 tons of gas boiler need to direct consultation boiler sales manufacturers, understand the product structure and various parameters to determine the specific price.

gas-fired boiler condenser
gas-fired boiler condenser

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