Coal Fired Boilers Sales in Afghanistan

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Generally speaking, the price of coal fired boilers is not fixed, because the sales configuration of large-tonnage coal-fired boilers is more complex, because the equipment of this capacity is generally bulk boilers. In addition to the boiler body, this type of coal fired boilers sales should also be equipped with desulfurization and denitration device and dust removal equipment. ZOZEN can provide a variety of brands of supporting equipment. Customers can choose according to their own boiler budget. As a supplier of industrial boilers with over 30 years of experience in design and production, every product of ZOZEN is of high quality and customers can buy it with confidence.

coal fired boilers sales
coal fired boilers sales

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The chain grate boiler is a very mature type of furnace produced by ZOZEN. It is easy to operate and manage and easy to maintain. Chain grate boiler is a layer fired boiler, the coal through the coal hopper into the grate, with the grate movement, complete combustion at the same time. It is widely used in heating, steam supply and power generation industries, and has become the leading boiler type of heating and power generation boilers.

The air temperature of the chain furnace is low, and the combustion is carried out from top to bottom. During the whole combustion process, the coal seam has no vibration and the combustion conditions are poor. Therefore, chain steam boilers and chain grate hot water boilers need to burn less coal after screening. In addition, it should be noted that the coal with more water needs a longer preheating time, and the ignition and combustion time of the fuel are reduced. When there is more ash in the coal, the ash surrounds the unburned carbon, resulting in increased incomplete combustion loss. Therefore, the coal with more water and ash is not suitable for burning in the chain furnace.

The calculation formula of coal consumption of coal-fired boilers are: coal consumption = boiler power (Kcal /h)/coal combustion calorific value (Kcal /kg)/boiler efficiency. The calorific value of second class bituminous coal is generally 5500 kcal. Assuming that the boiler efficiency is about 75%, the heat required by 2.8MW boiler is generally 4.2 million kcal, so the coal consumption of DZL2.8 is 1081kg/h.

industrial coal fired steam boiler
industrial coal fired steam boiler

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DZL series screw tube boiler is a new type of product to replace the old boiler in China. It adopts the screw pipe to strengthen the heat transfer, improve the heat transfer coefficient, reduce the volume of the boiler, and reduce the cost of the user. The outlet water temperature ≤130℃ of the hot water boiler does not have a tail heating surface, steam boiler only horizontal layout of air preheater or economizer, so that the boiler room smoke, air duct layout is simplified. Among them, the air preheater is equipped with a heat conduction element at the tip of the boiler superconducting heat pipe to maximize the use of waste heat, improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler and reduce the user’s cost. The boiler adopts the new technology of whole casting of refractory concrete, which has good sealing property, less heat loss and strong and durable. ZOZEN’s industrial boiler products are sold to more than 100 countries and regions around the world, such as Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Chile, Finland and more. If you have any boiler requirements, please feel free to contact our 24 hours online customer service.


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